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Hunkering down for the blizzard

As the snow accumulates outside and I huddle underneath a blanket, I am compelled to research the origin of the word blizzard.  The word sounds somewhat onomatopoeic.  Could it be related to blitz or blast or bluster – a strong force of something barreling through?  Most sources I found say the origin is unknown, but pointed to an 1870 Iowa newspaper article in which a snowstorm is referred to as a blizzard. It is possible that it originated in American English in 1870 (or earlier), while other sources mention possible French or German connections. The Oxford Etymologist has one of the most thorough examinations here.  Whatever the origin may be, the word certainly conjures up a cold, blustery feeling.

Stay warm, everyone, as this blizzard blasts and blitzes its way through the region.